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Imagine Your Event In Color

Lighting can turn an ordinary event into something spectacular bringingtogether sights, sounds, and tastes into a symphony of excitement. Lighting sets the tone of your event from the instant guests arrive bringing your event into bigger than life proportions.

Lighting used to be prohibitively expensive, now it is a special event necessity. Whether you use our lighting services as a stand alone product, or in conjunction with our DJ and entertainment services, you'll appreciate our expertise, multitude of options and ideas to take your next event to the next level with light.

Custom Monogram and Logo Lighting

We will work with you to create custom light designs for you. These can be excellent in making your event stand out or a way to instantly make your companies message shine through.

We'll create a customized light design that will display your logo in the room. This is one of the most impressive lighting options that event planners choose for their parties.

Monogram lighting effects are impressive by themselves or work incredibly well with Uplighting


We offer color match uplighting for our clients with our LED lights. These lights are positioned around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colors of your party and add warmth to the overall space. Uplighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your holiday party truly unforgettable and memorable. We can offer colored lights or warm white and gold hues to accent an already vivid room and create depth and drama with light.

Theme & Texture Lighting

Textural lighting effects can change an empty room into a trellis, make it seem open to the night sky, or simply add warmth and pattern to boring walls and ceilings. Texture lighting can also make a simple room seem extravagant without adding expensive fixtures or hanging decorations and without taking up precious floor space like some dramatic decor can. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic effect, or subtle mood lighting for a room – texture lighting effects can give your space a look your guests haven’t seen before.
Dancing On A Cloud

Dancing on a cloud adds that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance pictures.  If you are great dancers it will take your first dance to another level.  If you aren't the best dancers in the world it will make your first dance special without adding the pressure to impress your guests with your moves.  You will be amazed on how many pictures your guests will take of your first dance.

Upgraded Dance Floor Lighting

With Upgraded dance floor lighting it gives your dance floor a wow factor that makes your guests want to party all night.
 Our dance lighting can be subtle washes of colors fading through colors during a slow song or they can be instant high impact night club lighting. Depending on your needs we can offer high quality lighting to enhance the dance atmosphere of your party.

Color Match Lighting

We offer what we call "color-match lighting." Using the latest LED lights we can perfectly match almost any color you choose to project on walls or accentuate your event. These lights can be programmed to stay on colors all night or slowly fade through a plethora of rich colors.

Using these lights we can accent the elements of the venue for you. Many reception halls feature beautiful white columns, arches, or features that transform into beautiful canvases that display festive accent lights truly bringing in the spirit of the event and setting the tone of the evening as something special.

These lights also work especially well in conjunction with crystal chandeliers allowing them to sparkle and shine brilliantly.